Edit Storyline Set 15 years after the events of the first film, the Tetragrammaton has managed reestablish itself despite the truth of Father coming to light. Their main focus has been the complete annihilation of the Resistance, and it's supposed savior, former Grammaton Cleric 1st Class John Preston. To do so, they have a team of next generation Grammaton Clerics to eliminate the Resistance and bring the rogue Cleric to face summary destruction. Leading this group of Clerics is Robbie Preston, John Preston's son, and while it seems he is simply following orders, he does have another reason for accepting this task. Written by Kendrick Grey Plot Summary, Add Synopsis Taglines: Tetragrammaton, there isn't anything they can't do. Details Box Office See more on IMDbPro  » Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs  » Did You Know? Connections Spun-off from Equilibrium  (2002) See more ».

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Tetragrammaton mars volta. Tetragrammaton in hebrew. Tetragrammaton. Tetragrammaton cleric. Tetragrammaton means. Indeed. What an amazing human being to recognize and notice him. Constricting his cells. When this was out. I was totally listing to some really weird stuff because I thought Rock didnt have anything left to offer. One guy I knew told me I should check out this Band The Mars Volta. I heard like one song and was like, ah theyre not bad. Then went back to the stuff I was listening to. A lot of Gamelan, Punjabi, Native American round dance chanting. Bach Harpsichord music played in reverse. Then like from out of the blue like three weeks ago I remembered The Mars Volta and YouTubed it. They really are good. I bought everything I could get. On CD because I have kids who dont understand 150.00 Vinyl records. Good stuff glad I found them again.

Tetragrammaton book. Thomas Pridgen is very precise and tight while playing, but honestly I think he overplays most of the time. Tetragrammaton pendant. I haven't finished watching yet and I'm like a kid in a candy store right now bc of confirmation after confirmation. but, what I just heard was 64 hidden throughout the mountains.  64 reminds me of DNA and from 3 years of an awakened state (dead to the world's false teachings and now alive to hear Spirit from within) the Spirit has taught that each one of us is the mountain.  The top is enlightenment.  Before I thought the mind was the top but it's not. The top of our energy vortex that encases each of us is reached bc of our heart.  Our heart is a double vortex pumping blood in and then out through the 4 chambers, producing an even larger vortex of energy surrounding and resonating all around us 3 feet in either direction.  When I meditate to hear the word of Spirit, I feel my breath go up and then around me.  What comes in is unity from the whole -macro to micro- universe to proton, everything is connected.  For some time now, Spirit has been teaching us where we are.  Being an elementary teacher without a Ph.D behind my name, it was very hard for me to be taken serious about what I was being shown over and over which is. where we physically are.  We are physically inside our Creator just as our cells are inside us.  Nassim has taken what I've been learning (many of us are learning) and has adapted physics, cosmology, math, etc. and connected the WHOLE (or what I like to call the HOLY Spirit) to our ONE Creator, no matter the religion a person is, we're STILL within the ONE Creator!  We are ALL called to become Christ which means anointed in the Spirit.  We're all called to be ascended Masters in the Spirit of knowing.  We're ALL called to be chosen!  Our Creator needs ALL of us b/c we're ALL important to Source just as ALL our cells are important to us.  LOVE is the ONLY answer to bring ALL back into wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that ultimately helps each of us FULLY REMEMBER how to keep the Sabbath  HOLY!  36 years of my life, I lived outside of the Sabbath.  Spirit is finally bringing us into the Sabbath by showing us the WHOLE picture.  Spirit explains science and science explains Spirit.  It is the most AMAZING WHOLE/HOLY picture ever seen!  LOVE for ALL is the connecting force that drives the spin of ALL things!  Any positive comments are welcomed!   I'm sure I'll share more, as it's very hard not to, but for now. PEACE and LOVE always.  H.

Shuyeb – We talk every day and about everything. And I guess like most people in love – we do say those three special words often enough... But sometimes on special days like this Valentines Day I think it is important to explain why I love you. In short I love you for what you are and what you have brought to my life. But over the last 12 years I have found more reasons to love you and heres only a few of them…. I love you for being the young man those many, many years ago who believed in himself and me and that we can make a good life together. Even though I had my doubts – I love you for trusting in US and giving me such a nice family. I love you for letting me, be me… Day 1 till date… I own my past and my present with pride like no other – because of you. You never make me feel embarrassed or make me regret the mistakes I have made in my past. Whether it is a broken friendship, lost love, a job I failed to finish – you are always the person I can discuss my feelings with and my frustrations. You always let me fight my own battles yet help me each and every time I need you. I feel free and incredibly independent; even though I know exactly how much I depend on you… so I love you for always supporting me and being the catalyst of my progress in life. I love you for teaching me the value and the real meaning of honesty and integrity. Because you are the only man I know who goes back to a shop after months to pay for the items shop assistant forgot to scan and you just happened to notice it while throwing away old receipts! I love you for teaching me to look into the good of others no matter how bad things go (even though I still havent learned it completely. I try to understand how you are always so nice with everyone and how you never lose your temper – so I love you for teaching me to look at things from someone elses eyes when things dont go my ways all the time. I love you for being such a selfless man. Only crazy people jumps into the water to save a child even when they dont know how to swim – but I love you for being so crazy and saving that little girls life that day. I also I love you for being the man who takes out credit card loans to lend to people in desperate need even though you got no savings of your own and will actually have to pay interest on the loan. For you – many people are in a better position in their lives and whether they acknowledge it or not – I know you always do these without hesitations and without wishing anything back for yourself. Also – I love you for being such a caring family man. I dont know why you always wait for me and Raaida to sleep first before indulging yourself into a nights rest. I know you love me without any condition and without seeking anything. I know when it comes to me, my family and my friends – you give from the heart and treat them like your own. Something I still need to learn from you. I love you for being a supportive partner in my daily life too. Most men can love their wives but not many can live it every day. You – however live up to it most days… Unlike most women I never complain about house chores, cooking for family or looking after our child. And everyone around us knows why… I love you for being the wonderful father you are. Once again most men can father children but not many can be relied upon completely and utterly to look after a baby or an infant without the supervision of the mother! I love you for giving me that freedom… I love you for giving me the option to go wherever I want for however long I want without feeling guilty or concerned because I know I am leaving her in the best possible hands ever... In most times even better than my own! I love you for trusting me like no one else. You always have faith in me and you are always the one smoothing out my self-doubts and giving me that boost of confidence. Whether it is professional life or personal matters – you trust me fully; and I love you for that. Not many men will like it if their wives go off to a different country to meet their old ‘male friend or if they talk about their ‘new biker boyfriend when they come back from a foreign trip. Whilst other gasps and looks at me in horror when I goof around on such topics – you smile at me with that sign of confidence that makes me love you even more! I love you for all the surprises and randomness you fill my life with. Whether it is a plant that grows to say you love me or the personalised romance novel with our names on it – you always manage to shower me with thoughtful gifts. You know how branded, showy and expensive gifts hold no meaning to me and how such little gestures of love warms my heart. Whether it is the midnight trip to Paris or the long drive at 4 am to get masala tea, to see the first snow, Christmas lights or moon light– I know with you my life, it will never be ‘boring; and I truly love you for bringing such freshness in my life. I love you for being my best travel partner too. Together we have travelled to over twenty odd countries in the last decade and I sincerely believe the world does seem better when I am with you. I also love you for loving me like no one ever has. You make me feel special, lovely and perfect even when I am totally not! But I guess that is what love is anyway... The thing is … I dont think I can ever list all the reasons ever! So I am going to just finish off here by saying that – I LOVE YOU for being just ‘YOU. You are the reason why my simple life has become special every day and I sincerely thank Allah for blessing me with you. Once again …I Love you Shuyeb And Happy Valentines Day! The last two days in Nairobi has been amazing and crazy! After the humble and modest lifestylr in Kitale for 2 weeks I am now back in the city life of Nairobi and it is really making me guilty! Maybe for many it is not much… but I have actually spent over 500 US dollars in the last two days just visiting places like elephant orphanage, giraffe centre, Masai village, kajuri beads factory and a few game drives in Nairobi national park and Lake Nakuru lake parks... not to mention the usual shopping, eating and tipping. And I feel terrible, terrible and just terrible! I dont know why – spending so much money on touristy things, staying in a decent (I dont do 5 stars when I travel alone) hotel and eating in restaurants are now making me think of the street kids I have seen and left behind in Birunda! Its not that I have never seen poverty and street beggars cause common I am from Bangladesh after all! But honestly this is in a complete different level! And unless you have experienced it first hand in African countries you will never really know what I am talking about here… So... as I was saying... everything is making me feel rather self conscious and crazy guilty! I know soon this feeling will mellow down and I will be back to my old life of taking many things for granted but still I think travelling does change your morality! Check the link below and you will know what I mean... Honestly…. I am not sure what is right and what is not. I dont wish for gold, branded clothes, shoes or bags... I dont care for posh cars or big houses (sorry... that is a lie... I DO want a big house:p) but only want to see the world! I ask myself…Should I stop travelling (the only reason why I am forever poor) and give my savings to the people in need always? But then, this world is so immensely beautiful that no matter where I go, I am left in awe and in need for more… every single time! Whoever said it – is right... Travelling is indeed like a drug! This afternoon I was on a game drive in Nakuru and I was  constantly thanking Allah for all the amazing creatures and scenarios He has made around the world! I thanked Him for giving me the opportunity to be where I was at that moment of time – sharing the land with those wild beasts! And also for all the wonderful places He has taken me in the past. I feel so utterly grateful to Allah for letting me see atleast a few of his million natural miracles – that I dont really know whether I should have this guilty feeling for spending money on seeing the world or not! So officially my 10 days with CRK is now over! And its been 14 days since I have last cuddled with my husband and my daughter. The anticipation of going back in the arms of my family next week, fills my heart and soul with a warmth that I can not describe in words. Yet…. I will admit… that I will miss living on my own too. For the last two weeks – I kind of made a routine for myself. I went to work, came back, cooked something simple for myself while blogging... But the only thing I was really looking forward to every evening was to get in bed with a book! With the mad rush of my day to day life in UK, it was not really possible to zone myself into a proper reading habit every day. However in Kitale – its been ideal! The peaceful environment, the lack of human noise and disturbance made my reading ten fold pleasureable... I finished 6 books in 2 weeks. not bad considering I have been working evenings to get a few things finished for CRK and of course trying my hand with this blogging thing…) Ultimately what I am trying to say is... this time spent away from family and friends have given me the space I often crave for… it has given me some time to think about many things... and some time to think about nothing! I love my family to bits but I love my own company too… I was truly content to live in solitude with a few books and some good musics. And will cherish the last 2 weeks not only for the people and friends I have made around in Kitale but also for the alone time it has given me... As much as I look forward to being in Nairobi tomorrow and then back to UK next week... I will definitely look back to my 10 days of solitude with fulfilment. So as you can tell... instead of buying a posh handbag  or that sparkling pair of shoes... I used my savings to come to Kenya and to spend two weeks with Child Rescue Kenya. Ofcourse I respect your decision to do anything you want with your own money! But let me tell you why I chose to do this instead of another normal holiday trip to a beach destination. In a nutshell – it was to challenge myself- one more time…. To prove to myself that if needed and if required – I can cross oceans to go to a different country in a different culture and yet do something productive and useful. And above all -to prove that even an ordinary person like me can make some difference somewhere in the world. As we are growing up in our lives – we face many challenges. Like – passing those awful board exams, getting the right marks to get to the desired college/university, winning someones heart, making that special person your own, learning to swim, drive, playing guitar or football…. the list is absolutely countless… Then once we hit our late twenties and early thirties – the challenges we face changes… The challenge of getting a job, settling in with your partner, buying a decent house and a car, raising kids and what not… But you know what? Amidst these all – one day will come when you will realise that even though many years have surpassed and you have overcome many hurdles... you really havent challenged yourself to your maximum. It is really very easy to get into that low-risk and easy rhythm of life once you achieved the structured and socially accepted challenges…... The monotonous and safe cycle of: Office – home – weekend – office – home – maybe an odd vacation now and then… I am not saying that it is bad; or not good enough; by any means. But is it really adequate and enough? Just think… why does most of us stop pursuing new challenges after a certain age? There are millions of exceptions I know... but yet there are many more millions of us who are just happy to stay within that low risk easy life cycle I mentioned earlier. Just like most people I faced many challenges in my life too. And some challenges were harder than others and without doubt shaped me to be who I am today. Staying mentally strong and focused on the future after my fathers sudden death was a big challenge to me. Not many people know what inner demons I fought to come to terms with that tragedy. Or how hard it was for me to focus back into my life and studies when I got my heart broken for the first time… Sometimes it is easy to think that physical challenges are the hardest- like climibing Mt Everest or swimming across the oceans. Yes I fully appreciate the dedication and endurance it takes to undertake such challenges but nothing can compare to the mental blocks and challenges we face in our lives everyday. As I was saying – I think challenging myself is important for my self growth. Personally it feeds my soul. It makes me happy with myself. After my fathers death – coming abroad to pursue higher studies was a challenge. Settling in a new job in a new culture within a new country was a challenge. Pursuing my professional qualifications while being heavily pregnant was a challenge … Each time I started a new job or a new role in my professional life has been challenging too.  For instance each time I have made a mistake or each time I have asked a colleague a question… I knew I was growing. I knew I was learning and getting stronger. I was not stuck in a job where I knew everything about... each new task, new responsibility was shaping me into a better, more learned me... And now… coming to Kenya was a challenge too... a challenge which is sadly coming to an end... Tomorow is my last day in Child Rescue Kenya and I am truly amazed how much I have learned in the last few days... Apart from the work aspect – I have come to learn a lot about myself too. I know my limitations (English toilet only please. and also my other strengths … And the satisfaction of knowing these …have been worth thousand times more than the experiences I have gained from my other holiday! Now that my current challenge to myself is almost accomplished... I know exactly what my next challenge to myself will be once I am back from Kenya. if my husband is reading it I am sure he is already sweating and most probably swearing under his breath) Let me know if you would like to know about that I will maybe blog that journey too... The bottom line is – No matter how old I am and what I face in life – I hope I can keep on proving to myself that with each challenge I will be stronger and better! And nothing is quite impossible for me… err... except maybe stroking the big cats when I am in Nairobi National park next week or the small cats when I am back to UK! If you walk down any street in London (or any cosmopolitan city for that matter) and count how many ladies are carrying an ‘exclusive luxury handbag … fake or real… I think you will be rather surprised and realize how non-exclusive it has become these days! It seems to me that all the ladies I know either own a MK bag of some kind and/or has  a pair of Jimmy Choo somewhere in her shoe rack... So basically it gives me the feeling that having a luxury logo is not really a luxury anymore but more of a common place requirement to belong to a certain socioeconomic group, to prove that you are part of the modern world success group and to show the world your achievements. I am pretty sure that a promotion often means treating yourself to 700 Louboutins these days and expecting a 1400 Prada bag from your husband is no great expectation either. Now, dont be fooled into for a second that the male population is spared from this bug... You wear a Rolex? Think you have earned it with your own success and money? Got a brand new BMW, Audi or a Mercedes to show off? My t fret… are equally contaminated with the ‘irrational disease of luxury branding 🙂 We all know that people dont behave rationally all the time, and considering the enormous debts the citizens of first world countries have, consumers clearly dont always act in their best financial interests. Luxury goods are a great example of how irrational we can be; a decent and sturdy handbag can be purchased for 50, yet people will still spend thousands to buy a logo. Why? No wonder the global demand for luxury goods is strong and rapidly growing, with over 200 billion in annual sales each year! So why are  you all willing to pay extra for a brand? The jewelry in my store might be as beautiful and as well made as the branded names, yet customers will walk past my store to shop for branded merchandise at a store down the street, sometimes paying more for a product no better than the one I carry. A solitaire is a solitaire, but put it into a powder blue-colored box and suddenly it has added value. Why? I think heres a few reasons – 1) Wearing branded merchandise sets you in a specific economic category, a certain rung on the socioeconomic ladder. It tells others where you are on the economic scale. There is a certain pecking order in society and wearing branded merchandise tells those with whom you come in contact that you are in a lower group, the same group or a higher socioeconomic group than they are, depending upon the prestige and price point of the items worn. 2) It allows you to feel as though you fit into society and belong to the group. Humans arent solitary animals any more than monkeys are. Wearing similar and familiar brands helps you to relate to others in the group and feel a part of something larger than ourselves. 3) There is, of course, the sense of  pride of ownership. Everyone wants to own beautiful and well-made things, and branded merchandise tends to be of high quality. There is a sense of pride when you walk up to the three-pronged hood ornament that decorates your shiny Mercedes. Each time you shut the car door and hear that classic “thud” it gives you the sense that you have purchased a well-made machine. Every morning when you get up and slip that stainless steel and gold watch over your hand and hear it snap solidly onto your wrist, you take a moment just to appreciate its art. 4) Branding takes the thinking out of a purchase. When a man goes shopping for his wife and he knows she likes a certain brand, he doesnt have to think any further than the brand name. Anything that has that particular name on it will please his wife. Our society has turned over thinking to the few designers who rule our fashion world. Individuals no longer think about what is good design or bad; if it has some well-advertised name on it, it must be good. Its gotten to a point that you now wear sweaters with names across the front and no design at all. So really… what does that make you? What are you becoming? Shouldnt you try to free yourselves from this unnatural and irrational phenomenon? Or you think staying enslaved in the world of luxury  brands and looking all posh and pretty and classy is better? Go ahead… hate me for pointing it out to you. But before you go – can you maybe spare the change from your luxury purchase below. Yesterday my mom gave a me midnight call…. (Well... midnight for 3 am for her! Me and my mom normally talk every lunch time – even if for two seconds – but due to the time difference and my commitments in Kenya it is rather difficult to continue that routine. Anyhow, so she called me, and we caught up on everything and everyone. She asked me about my work, my lodge, the food and all…. (being the mother ofcourse…) So when I told her I am spending a lot of time outside in the sun and taking the motorbike to and back from work each day  she teased me that I will be so tanned that I will be as dark as the locals… I laughed and said I am rather glad that I am blending in so well... But it really got me thinking… how the perception of skin colour is different in various cultures and societies… Now let me remind you... I am a simple person with very limited brain capacity. All big controversies and issues around the world like race, religion, politics etc are usually beyond me... Even English is too complex for me! And I find it difficult to get my head around English words... For instance I dont really understand how the word ‘light or ‘fair got its positive connotation from, whereas somehow ‘black or ‘dark ended up  with negative meanings associated with it. We say things like “Black magic” to refer to something bad… whilst “White” is all about light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. As opposed to black, it is a positive word... 🙁 But did you ever wonder why? I am no linguist and have limited knowledge about this but I still think somehow it is such usage of words in languages that has  given birth to racism. Or could it be the other way round? Darker people are being considered inferior to the fairer ones and I wonder could it simply because of the words used to represent? Statics prove how the standard of living and pay scales can differ based on skin colour only! Racial, gender wage gaps persist in U. S. despite some progress I know nowadays there are campaigns like “dark is beautiful and all that... but why are we even needing these campaigns in the first place? Why is colour a factor in determining a person? And how, when and why did ‘black became inferior, ‘white superior and ‘brown just mediocre? So as I was saying earlier... that conversation with my mum left me thinking all these and more… Will me becoming few shades darker in the sun will mean anything to anybody? I am pretty sure I live in an environment and among people to whom it will not matter at all. I am guessing that most  people will not even notice... Or maybe someone will notice it and will wonder…how ‘dark Rubaiyat is now! But have I really gone ‘dark or is it ‘light? You look at my skin and you see a darker Rubaiyat.  But look again… into my heart and my soul… what do you see? Looking within myself I see more light…I have found more light in this darkness than many other places. I am dark so I am enlightened…I am dark so I am now privileged and experienced. I am now better… with the knowledge of  a new country, new culture, new people, new working environment and also a new me – who knows she can adopt to any changes and with anyone around her… So when you see me next – I wonder whether you will see the darkness or the light within? Remember that the word ‘dark is not necessarily dark….  Within this darkness hides a lot of ‘light…. Today I am 50 shades darker.  And yet 100 times lighter…. Good Morning All... Its Monday again…. and I am sure most of you are back to work after a good (never long enough) weekend. I had a good weekend in Kitale too. Saturday was spent in Mount Elgon National Park. and then Sunday was a lazy day in bed reading books in peace 🙂 Now back to CRK and trying to get some work done. Will not write much as you must be all busy... just like me … all it is monday again…. I cant believe it will be Friday tomorrow and I will have completed the first week of my placement in CRK! When you are working towards a greater cause you are driven to change the world and move mountains. But in reality nothing like that happens. All good and sustainable things takes time to be built... whether a good home, a business or a simple accounting process. I am on track with my work load in Child Rescue Kenya – but then Eric and I are both pragmatic and conversative accountants 😉 who know that in two weeks theres only so much we can review and implement. Saying all that…at this point I will cheat and say... Every Little Helps! Sorry Tesco for cheating and using your slogan) but you know what?  It is sooooo true!  Every Little step does help to move things towards the right direction and achieve that ultimate goal. Whether is it work, studies, passion, personal improvement... start small but carry on... never give up and that will indeed take you where you want to be... Initially I thought I am a nobody… and what help can I offer to CRK. but the colleagues here are so friendly, grateful and appreciative that I realise that even a little recommendation I am offering is being taken with respect and sincerity. I am only the beginning of the change in CRK and my little effort is only getting the wheels in motion – which must not stop. I urge you to do something good today... no matter how small…. Doesnt matter whether you are a doctor, teacher, dancer, singer, dietician, chef, engineer or a boring accountant like me! We can all help in little ways and every little does help! Go to a remote village and cook for some famished street kids if you are a chef, teach how to dance and sing if need be – so that kids on the roads are involved and not diverted to drugs. If you are a doctor or a engineer – fix someone or something! We can all do our own bits and we must do it! Never understate or underestimate yourself. (I am usually guilty of this. You might not be a superpower compared to remember somewhere someone will always appreciate your little gesture  if you offer your services and skills for a good cause. And as the saying goes... one more time… “Every Little helps. ” After spending two great days with the children I am back to where I belong… in front of the computer ofcourse 👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻😂😂😂… I got a great insight into the programs run by CRK now and that gives me more motivation to help this brilliant organisation as much as I possibly can. If my effort enhances CRKs efficiency and effectiveness in its financial processes, reporting and internal control even slightly I will feel that I have done something good for the kids even if indirectly... as good solid financial reporting will attract more donors and hence funding… Anyway, as I was saying – I am in front of my computer. Me and Eric – the financial guru in CRK finalised our priorities, identified a few quick wins to improve efficiencies and also wrote up the work plan for the remaining week and a half. It is all going great from my side and the colleagues in the office are great fun to work with... Everyone is super friendly and shakes hands each time we meet in greetings. It is great to see and experience such a lovely culture. So these new friendly colleagues of mine have decided to feed me to death! Their hospitablity is incomparable and … and every lunch time I am experiencing this 😀😀😋😋. Protus and Martin – the great chefs are ensuring that I get fed for the work I am doing.  And the Kenyan food is sooo good and so like Bangladeshi food that I am not complaining at all…Kenyan Ugali is simply yum! Thanks CRK and all of its members… – for welcoming me with such warm hearts and hands... I am eternally grateful and I know I have got some friends for life now… You see that little man washing his plate after lunch? He was found in a forest tied by the ankle to a tree some months ago…. One of his arm was broken and no one could tell how long he was like that – tied to a tree covered in his own feces and mud… This little man is only three years old. And today –  he has a home in Birunda Rescue Centre…... It was completely my privilege that I could spend a day with the amazing people who work in the centre and with the families to rehabilitate these traumatized back into a world where they can atleast have some childhood… I cant write anymore today…. It is amazing how these children still smile amidst such horror… much to learn from them…….

Tetragrammaton records. Tetragrammaton meaning. Tetragrammaton define. In the end they just gagged me. Filmdaten Deutscher Titel Equilibrium Originaltitel Equilibrium Produktionsland USA Originalsprache Englisch Erscheinungsjahr 2002 Länge 102 Minuten Altersfreigabe FSK 16 Stab Regie Kurt Wimmer Drehbuch Kurt Wimmer Produktion Jan de Bont Lucas Foster Musik Klaus Badelt Kamera Dion Beebe Schnitt Tom Rolf William Yeh Besetzung Christian Bale: John Preston Angus Macfadyen: Dupont Emily Watson: Mary O'Brien Taye Diggs: Brandt William Fichtner: Jürgen Sean Bean: Errol Partridge Sean Pertwee: Vater Dominic Purcell: Seamus Maria Pia Calzone: Prestons Ehefrau Matthew Harbour: Robbie Preston Emily Siewert: Lisa Preston Alexa Summer: Viviana Preston Christian Kahrmann: Einsatzleiter David Hemmings: Aufsichtsbeamter Equilibrium, auch unter dem Titel Equilibrium – Killer of Emotions bekannt, ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film von Kurt Wimmer aus dem Jahr 2002. Die Handlung ist stark vom Film und Roman Fahrenheit 451 inspiriert und entlehnt, außerdem finden sich auch Elemente aus Aldous Huxleys Roman Schöne Neue Welt, aus George Orwells Roman 1984, Michael Andersons Film Flucht ins 23. Jahrhundert und George Lucas Film THX 1138 wieder. [1] 2] Die Stadt „Libria“ ähnelt Fritz Langs „ Metropolis “. [3] Der Film wurde in Deutschland am 4. September 2003 auf DVD veröffentlicht. Handlung [ Bearbeiten, Quelltext bearbeiten] Der Film zeichnet eine Dystopie, in der nach einem Dritten Weltkrieg menschliche Emotionen als der entscheidende Auslöser von Gewalttätigkeiten erkannt worden sind und durch das Psychotropikum „Prozium II“ auf ein Minimum reduziert werden. Die Ausgabestelle des Prozium II im Regierungsgebäude, das Equilibrium, symbolisiert die angestrebte emotionale Gleichmütigkeit und gibt dem Film seinen Namen. Der Protagonist John Preston lebt in der sauberen, funktionierenden und festungsartig bewachten Stadt Libria, die umgeben ist von den Ruinen zerstörter Gebäude, den „Nethers“. Jeder Bürger der Stadt nimmt mehrmals täglich das Mittel „ Prozium II “ ein, um die Intensität jeglicher Gefühle auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren. Doch es gibt Widerständler: sogenannte „Sinnestäter“, welche durch ihr Bedürfnis zu fühlen in die Illegalität gedrängt worden sind. Um diese „Verbrecher“ zu bekämpfen, ist mit den „Grammaton-Klerikern“ eine Elitepolizeieinheit geschaffen worden. Sie hat die Aufgabe, Sinnestäter zu finden, sie zu eliminieren und alle Gefühle auslösenden Gegenstände (wie Kunstwerke, Literatur, Tonträger, Dekoration oder Haustiere) zu vernichten bzw. zu töten. Im Einsatz nutzt sie bei physischen Auseinandersetzungen eine spezielle Bewegungstechnik, die „Gun- Kata “. Mit deren Hilfe können die Grammaton-Kleriker sogar gegnerischen Geschossen ausweichen, was sie zu fast unaufhaltsamen „Kampfmaschinen“ macht. Preston ist einer der ranghöchsten Grammaton-Kleriker Librias. Zu Anfang kennt er keinerlei Zweifel am System. Gemeinsam mit seinem Partner Errol Partridge und paramilitärischen Polizeieinheiten stürmt er das Versteck einiger Sinnestäter, wo sie alle Anwesenden mechanisch töten und mehrere Gemälde verbrennen, u. a. die Mona Lisa. Partridge nimmt einen kleinen Gedichtband an sich, um ihn persönlich in der Asservatenstelle abzugeben, da, wie er sagt, die dafür zuständigen Beamten oft unzuverlässig seien. Preston schöpft daraufhin Verdacht, und als er in der Behörde nachfragt, wird ihm bestätigt, dass sein Partner den Gedichtband nicht wie angeordnet dort abgegeben hat. Preston fährt in die Rebellenzone, und als er Partridge dort findet, macht er ihm klar, dass er ihn melden muss. Partridge, der genau weiß, dass ihn in diesem Falle die Kremation erwartet, begeht daraufhin Suizid, indem er kaum verdeckt und gut hörbar den Hahn seiner Pistole spannt und sich von Preston erschießen lässt. Preston wird daraufhin Brandt, ein neuer und äußerst ambitionierter Kleriker, zur Seite gestellt, der keinen Hehl daraus macht, Karriere machen zu wollen, und der von Anfang an misstrauisch gegenüber Preston eingestellt ist. Durch eine Ungeschicklichkeit im Bad fällt Preston die morgendliche Ampulle mit Prozium II herunter, worauf diese zerbricht und er sie nicht injizieren kann. Dabei wird er von seinem Sohn ertappt, der ihn kühl auffordert, umgehend ins Equilibrium zu fahren und sich Ersatz zu besorgen. Auf dem Weg dorthin macht sich jedoch schon bald das Fehlen der gewohnten Dosis bemerkbar, außerdem ist das Equilibrium an diesem Tag wegen einer Bombendrohung geschlossen. Nun ist Preston gezwungen, sich mit den in ihm aufkeimenden Gefühlen auseinanderzusetzen. Verschiedene emotionale Erfahrungen veranlassen ihn, weiterhin auf das Prozium II zu verzichten. Die nicht injizierten Ampullen versteckt er hinter dem Badezimmerspiegel. Damit beginnt sein Abfall vom System, denn bei den folgenden Einsätzen wird er mit der Brutalität und Menschenverachtung des Systems konfrontiert, was ihn zutiefst verstört. Er entwickelt Empathie für seine Mitgeschöpfe und versucht im Verhör einer Sinnestäterin mehr darüber zu erfahren, was es bedeutet, ein fühlendes Wesen zu sein. Gleichzeitig versucht er, die Rolle des Klerikers mit seinem neuen Innenleben in Einklang zu bringen, um nicht aufzufallen. Unter eigener Lebensgefahr rettet er einen jungen Welpen, ehe dieser von der Polizei erschossen werden kann. Bei den Verhören der Sinnestäterin, die in Kontakt mit seinem ehemaligen Partner gestanden hat, werden Gefühle für sie in ihm wach. Da sie jedoch nicht kooperiert, wird sie zum Tode verurteilt. Als schließlich aufgrund seines merkwürdigen Verhaltens seine Zuverlässigkeit infrage gestellt wird, rücken Einheiten an, um seine Wohnung zu durchsuchen. Preston will ihnen zuvorkommen und das angesammelte Prozium II verschwinden lassen, stellt jedoch überrascht fest, dass sich keine einzige Ampulle mehr im Versteck befindet. Als er sich umdreht, steht sein Sohn hinter ihm, der seinem verblüfften Vater erklärt, dass er sich besser ein anderes Versteck dafür suchen solle. Preston erkennt, dass sein Sohn das Mittel offenbar auch längst abgesetzt hat, nachdem er seine eigene Mutter als Sinnestäterin gemeldet hatte. Von nun an versucht Preston, Kontakt mit dem Widerstand aufzunehmen, um zusammen mit den Rebellen ein Komplott gegen den Machthaber des Staates auszuarbeiten. Als die Sinnestäterin, in die er sich verliebt hat, exekutiert werden soll, versucht Preston, dies zu verhindern, scheitert aber. Daraufhin bricht er nach ihrem Tod vor aller Augen weinend zusammen und wird von seinem Partner verhaftet und angeklagt, ein Sinnestäter zu sein. Jedoch kann er seine Vorgesetzten überzeugen, er verfolge einen Plan, den Widerstand auszuschalten, indem er ihn unterwandere. In Wahrheit sollen sich die Anführer des Widerstands von Preston verhaften lassen, um ihm als Belohnung für seinen Erfolg eine Audienz bei „Vater“, dem Führer des totalitären Regimes Librias, zu verschaffen. Bei dieser Audienz soll Preston den „Vater“ töten. Mit dessen Tod, so erhoffen sich die Rebellen, fiele auch das System, und Gefühle hielten wieder Einzug in die Gesellschaft. Doch der Plan schlägt fehl. Preston hat es doch nicht geschafft, seine Vorgesetzten von seiner Loyalität zu überzeugen, und diese haben ihn benutzt. Dennoch kann sich der Ex-Kleriker mit Hilfe der bei seiner Ausbildung erworbenen Fähigkeiten gewaltsam einen blutigen Weg zum „Vater“ bahnen. Dieser ist jedoch, wie Preston feststellen muss, schon lange tot und dient nur noch als imaginäre Leitfigur, um das Staatswesen zusammenzuhalten. Sein Nachfolger, der jetzige Machthaber, ist selbst ein „Sinnestäter“ und lebt heimlich seine Gefühle aus. Doch bevor Preston ihn ausschalten kann, muss er es zuerst mit seinem neuen Partner aufnehmen, der ohnehin nach seiner Position giert, jedoch nach einem kurzen Zweikampf von Preston mit einem Katana getötet wird. Nun steht nur noch der eigentliche Machthaber Librias der Freiheit im Wege, der in einem spektakulären Kampf dem Kleriker Preston unterliegt. Daraufhin zerstört Preston die Kommunikationssysteme Librias, woraufhin der Widerstand zum entscheidenden Schlag ausholt und die Produktionsstätten des Prozium II zerstört. Ohne das Prozium II kommt es unmittelbar darauf zum Aufstand gegen das Regime. Kritik [ Bearbeiten, Quelltext bearbeiten] „Science-Fiction-Thriller mit Anleihen bei ‚ Blade Runner ‘ und ‚ Matrix ‘, der seine Geschichte mit einigen reizvollen (auch musikalischen) Brüchen erzählt. “ „Zum Wohle der Menschheit eliminiert ein totalitäres Regime mit Drogen und Gehirnwäsche alle Gefühlsregungen. Verstöße werden durch die ‚Kleriker‘ geahndet. John Preston (Bale) ist einer von ihnen – bis er seine Pillen vergisst und selbst zum ‚Sinnestäter‘ wird… ‚Fahrenheit 451‘ für Actionjunkies: Mit schlappen 20 Mio. Dollar entfesselte US-Regisseur Kurt Wimmer ein furioses Gewaltballett. Fazit: Actionkracher mit Hirn und Atmosphäre“ Symbolik [ Bearbeiten, Quelltext bearbeiten] Olympiastadion Berlin, im Film librianische Regierungsbüros. Der U-Bahnhof unter dem Reichstag, im Film als Haupthalle vor Prestons Büro. Der Regisseur Kurt Wimmer erklärte in seinem DVD-Kommentar von Equilibrium, dass die Figur des „Vaters“ („Führers“) welchem das Volk gehorsam folgt, religiös motiviert zu verstehen sei, wie auch der gesamte Film von religiösen Symbolen durchzogen ist. [6] Bei der Auswahl der Drehorte in Berlin wurden bevorzugt Bauten aus der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus wie der Flughafen Tempelhof und das Olympiastadion, aber auch zeitgenössische Monumentalbauten in Berlins Mitte wie der Bahnhof Potsdamer Platz genutzt. Diese sind im Film jedoch durch Computereffekte kaum erkennbar. Die Haupthalle von Prestons Büro wurde im U-Bahnhof Bundestag und das Kampftraining im Bärensaal des Alten Stadthauses gedreht. Stilistische Mittel [ Bearbeiten, Quelltext bearbeiten] Die Filmmusik wurde von Klaus Badelt geschrieben. Wimmers Idee, ausschließlich klassische Musik zu verwenden, erwies sich, wie er in einem Interview mitteilte, als nicht sinnvoll. Im Laufe der Produktion entschied man sich für eine Musik der Genres Alternative Rock und Techno bzw. Drum and Bass. Der Wendepunkt der Handlung wird mit der Einleitung des ersten Satzes von Beethovens 9. Sinfonie in Szene gesetzt. Der Einsatz dieser Musik erinnert an A Clockwork Orange; dessen Protagonist hört mit Vorliebe Beethoven. Die als Sinnestäterin entlarvte Frau antwortet auf die Frage nach ihrem Namen mit „OBrien“; ein Protagonist aus George Orwells 1984, der Gedankenverbrechen für das Ministerium für Liebe aufdeckt, heißt ebenso. Action [ Bearbeiten, Quelltext bearbeiten] Für die Kampfszenen im Film griff der Regisseur Kurt Wimmer auf das bereits in den 1980er Jahren für das Hongkong-Action-Kino erfundene und ebenso fiktive „Gun Fu“ zurück und gab ihm den Namen Gun Kata, das stark an die Kung Fu-Filme des Regisseurs John Woo anlehnt. Wie in dessen Filmen sind auch bei Equilibrium die meisten Kampfelemente, genauso wie die meterhohen Sprünge der alten Kung Fu-Filme, ohne Kamera-Tricktechnik oder anderer Hilfsmittel physisch überhaupt nicht durchführbar. Im Film benutzen die Grammaton-Kleriker üblicherweise zwei Pistolen, jedoch sind auch Szenen mit dem Sturmgewehr HK G36 oder Katanas zu sehen. Das Gun-Kata beinhaltet verschiedene Haltungen des Körpers und der Waffen sowie ein gleichmäßiges Schussraster, welche die statistische Wahrscheinlichkeit, in einem Schusswechsel von Kugeln getroffen zu werden, minimieren und die Wahrscheinlichkeit, möglichst viele Gegner zu treffen, maximieren sollen. In dem 2006 erschienenen Film Ultraviolet verwendet die Hauptfigur ebenfalls Gun-Kata in einigen Action-Szenen. Details [ Bearbeiten, Quelltext bearbeiten] Der Kleriker Errol Partridge nimmt nach einem Einsatz im Nether „irgend so ein Büchlein“ (so Preston später) mit, ohne es als Beweismittel abzuliefern, und liest es heimlich. Dabei wird er von Preston überrascht und getötet. Dieses „Büchlein“ The Poetry of William Butler Yeats existiert wirklich. Es handelt sich um eine literaturtheoretische Schrift von Sandra Gilbert, erschienen 1965 bei „New York Monarch Press Inc. “ Darin sind einige Gedichte von William Butler Yeats (1865–1939, Literaturnobelpreis 1923) wiedergegeben; Errol Partridge liest Preston eines vor. Eine Neuübersetzung aller Gedichte Yeats ins Deutsche ist 2005 erschienen. Dieses eine Gedicht heißt (in der Neuübersetzung von 2005) „Er wünscht sich die Kleider des Himmels“ und lautet: „Hätt ich des Himmels bestickte Kleider, Durchwirkt mit goldnem und silbernem Licht, Die blauen, matten und dunklen Kleider, Der Nacht, des Tages und des halben Lichts, Ich legte sie zu deinen Füßen aus: Doch ich bin arm, hab nur meine Träume, Die legte ich zu deinen Füßen aus, Tritt sanft, du trittst auf meine Träume. “ Im Film lautet der Text etwas anders. Dort rezitiert Errol Partridge: „Doch weil ich arm bin, habe ich nur meine Träume. Die Träume breite ich aus vor deinen Füßen. Tritt leicht darauf, Du trittst auf meine Träume. “ Eine Abwandlung des letzten Satzes findet auch als Einleitung des finalen Kampfes zwischen Preston und Dupont Verwendung. Dupont warnt Preston mit dem Satz „Vorsicht Preston, Sie treten auf meine Träume! “ ehe er die auf dem Schreibtisch liegende Waffe ergreift und den Kampf gegen Preston eröffnet. Literarisch spannt sich hier der Bogen zu dem Kinderreim „ Oranges and Lemons “, der im Roman 1984 ein Mittel ist, den Protagonisten eines Gedankenverbrechens zu überführen. Auch hier wird der letzte Satz des Kinderreims abgewandelt und zitiert, als es zur Konfrontation mit der Autorität kommt. Der im Film verwendete Name der psychotropen Droge Prozium setzt sich aus den in den USA sehr häufig verwendeten Medikamenten Prozac (Antidepressivum) und Valium (Beruhigungsmittel) zusammen. Weblinks [ Bearbeiten, Quelltext bearbeiten] Equilibrium in der Internet Movie Database (englisch) Equilibrium in der Online-Filmdatenbank Equilibrium bei Rotten Tomatoes (englisch) Einzelnachweise [ Bearbeiten, Quelltext bearbeiten] ↑ Equilibrium: Production Notes, ↑ Equilibrium Commentary: Kurt Wimmer ↑ Marxism and the Movies, herausgegeben von Mary K. Leigh, Kevin K. Durand, McFarland, 2013, S. 127 Online ↑ Equilibrium. In: Lexikon des internationalen Films. Zweitausendeins, abgerufen am 2. März 2017. ↑ Equilibrium. In: Hubert Burda Media, abgerufen am 16. Juni 2013. ↑.

Tetragrammaton llc. Tetragrammaton letters. A     B     C     D     E     F     G     H     I     J     K     L     M     N     O     P     Q     R     S     T     U     V     W     X     Y    Z The Tetragrammaton is a term applied to the four Hebrew letters that make up the name of God as revealed to Moses in Exodus 3:14 "And God said to Moses, I AM WHO I AM; and He said, Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, I AM has sent me to you. YHWH makes up the base of the verb "to be" from which God designated His own name as "I AM. In English, the letters are basically equivalent to YHWH. It is from these four letters that the name of God is derived and has been rendered as Yahweh and Jehovah. The true pronunciation of God's name has been lost through lack of use because the Jews, who were first given the name of God, would not pronounce it out of their awe and respect for God.

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Earlier this month, the film Tomb Raider premiered, an adaptation of Crystal Dynamic's 2013 reboot of the classic video game series. It's been pretty successful, doubling its budget at the box office only a couple weeks after its release. It's also one of the best-reviewing video game adaptations ever, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 50 percent. Which isn't great, but isn't the absolute worst either! Comparatively, 2010's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time stands at 36 percent. ) This weekend Ready Player One, the Steven Spielberg-directed adaptation of the novel of the same, is releasing, with dozens of video game references in it to be found. (The trailer alone features familiar video game heroines Tracer and Chun-Li, for instance. For all the hate Ready Player One gets, at least we're not walking into what could have been Steven Spielberg's Armada this weekend. On April 13, a film adaptation of the Midway game Rampage will also be releasing, big ol' monsters in tow. Seemingly, there's never been a better time for video games and movies. Heck, even Wreck-it Ralph 2 is coming out this year. In the meantime though, as we waffle between seeing Ready Player One, Rampage, Tomb Raider, or something completely not-video game related at all in the coming weeks, let's answer this question: What do you think is the best video game movie of all time? Does Scott Pilgrim count? I don't think it's technically a "video game film. but it's close. Wreck-It Ralph is an affectionate tribute to the medium we love. But in terms of video game adaptations, my heart lies with Street Fighter: The Movie. I don't like Mortal Kombat in any of its forms, Super Mario Bros is simply wretched, and most other adaptations are flatout boring. Anyone remember that Prince of Persia movie with Jake Gyllenhall? No? Of course not. But Street Fighter: The Movie is a masterpiece of schlock, mostly owing to the amazing performance of legendary actor Raul Julia. Julia owns that entire film, his eyes bulging as he delivers one-liner after one-liner. He single-handedly made "For me, it was Tuesday" into a meme. It's admittedly a bit of a rough watch owing to the fact that Raul Julia was suffering from the stomach cancer that would soon claim his life. He's frail and sickly-looking, and you can tell that he's in intense pain. But he still manages to summon the energy to deliver one of my favorite comic villain performances ever. When put together with the awful camera work, props, and stunts, as well as the reliably terrible acting of Jean-Claude Van Damme, it is the absolute height of the bad movie pantheon. It's my favorite video game movie by a mile. Mortal Kombat. Is there even another choice? The primary problem with video game adaptations when it comes to films is the truth is game stories usually aren't that great because play and player interaction is a larger part of the picture. If you play game movies mostly straight, you miss part of what makes a game work. It's adaptation, not a direct translation. Mortal Kombat deftly sidesteps the problem by being a total B-movie. The plot is bad? Who cares? We're here to watch a monk, a soldier, and movie star fight a soul-sucking sorcerer, two ninjas, a four-armed monster, and an Australian guy. Characters come and go in this film with no characterization whatsoever. The acting and dialog is horrible. Even the best fights have little in the way of interesting choreography. And yet, it's amazing. I can clearly recall scenes from the film. It's schlock for schlock's sake and I loved every minute of it. It's the movie Mortal Kombat deserves. And it's the movie that gave us director Paul W. S. Anderson, who you may remember as the director and writer of every Resident Evil movie and the upcoming Monster Hunter adaptation. Perhaps that's what we deserve. I'm honestly not sure why there hasn't been a "good" video game movie in the history of cinema. And while I haven't seen every video game film adaptation, I feel like I've seen enough to name my favorite of the ones I have seen, which in this case is 2005's Doom movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The Doom film is schlocky and cheesy in equal measures and I remember having a pretty good time watching it in theaters. It's still pretty bad, but there was one scene in the Doom movie that literally became a FPS and I remember that being pretty cool. The movie also stars a Karl Urban so young I honestly didn't know he was in it until I looked up the movie on Wikipedia for this community question. Maybe this is recency bias coming into play, but honestly, this year's adaptation of Tomb Raider is probably the best "video game" movie out there. I even think I enjoyed it more than the game, if we're going to be perfectly honest. Tomb Raider isn't a great movie on its own, of course. It's a relatively generic action movie (and trust me, I watch a lot of action movies; I watched every single Mission Impossible movie in a single weekend just a few weeks ago. What I loved about it is how much it commits to its very dumb video gaminess. I mean, there's a scene where Lara Croft literally solves a freaking color puzzle, with people throwing colored artifacts at her as the floor beneath them is crumbling. (The first thing that popped in my head was, This would totally be a bunch of QTEs. There's even a scene where a dude utilizes an exploding barrel. It's wild. Tomb Raider is goofy fun, while also showing the brutalness of Lara's journey into becoming, well, a tomb raider. Alicia Vikander, despite her less-than-stellar faux-British accent, is a likable, charismatic Lara. And boy, is she ripped. I really felt for her journey, and the fights with her in them had weight and impact to them that I think a lot of video games can easily convey because you personally feel it through the game's controls, whereas movies have a harder time with it. Heck, it may have done a better job of showing the toll of Lara's journey than its video game counterpart, since at least we didn't have to see those grotesque death sequences like in Crystal Dynamic's 2013 reboot. So as it stands, this year's Tomb Raider is surprisingly probably the best video game movie of all time, but it's not like it has much to compete with. That is, until Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and his big gorilla friend fight some big monsters in Rampage. Yeah baby! That Other Video Game Movie of the Year is just around the corner. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. See our terms & conditions.

Tetragrammaton name of god. You've given me and I'll spill. “but I do wonder if this is the first step towards constructing a larger Alpine Meadows village” Doubtful, I think this is to leverage the use of Squaws existing and proposed base areas. Currently heading to TC is just as easy as going back in to Squaw after skiing Alpine, this captures those skiers and justifies a big ass parking garage in Squaw. Also, since the base area of Alpine is on Forest Service property it would be a pretty large uphill battle to build lodging and shopping in Alpine. AS for whats in it for Caldwell… Well, his property does sit on private land. Id guess he is hoping to one day build a “base area” of his own.

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