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You forgot Palawan and Boracay in the Phillippines.😑 and the rainbow mountain in China. Nice places to drive from houston. Nice places to dine in la. Nice places to dine in el monte. Nice places to die wdr. “The best Cuban sandwich” based in los angeles Youre showing food from around the world but majority of it is in the doesnt make any sense. Nice places to dine in chicago. You guys know the routine, LTL, FTP, mobile, ect. Really brief history: My D(ear)H and I have been married 11 years. We met while stationed overseas, got hitched after a whopping 6 months of knowing each other (I still like him, so I guess I got really lucky) and were so broke we couldn't afford to take a train to the nearest city, much less fly to the states to meet each other's respective families. I didn't officially meet the ILs until we had already been married for 4 years, although we emailed and Skyped, so I kinda knew them, except MIL, who refused to talk to me until it could be face to face. To this day she doesn't believe we're really married, because if she wasn't there, it didn't happen. But that's a tale for another day. Onwards to the story! Around 6 months ago I had a cancer screening come back positive. I was really REALLY terrified, DH was trying to keep his shit together for me, but the man has got a shit poker face, so I knew he was just as scared. Needing at least one level head around to help us process we turned to SIL1 for help (she's a nurse at a cancer center, so she knows her shit. Being the dumbasses we are, we chose to talk to her at her home, where MIL also lives. Of course MIL overhears the conversation and just HAS to interrupt to give us the gift of her "wisdom. And by wisdom, I mean saying that it's my fault I've got cancer, because I eat too many onions. That's right people, onions don't just make you cry, they also cause cancer! Make sure you spread the word, clear your pantries, and perform an exorcism or two just to be on the safe side. Normally I wouldn't be too mad about this, MIL thinks of herself as a master healer and is always spouting nonsense medical "facts. Usually we ignore her and often find her "facts" amusing because of how mindbreakingly stupid they are. However, when she later texts DH to let him know she found a wonderful hospice for me, and made a profile on dating site for him when he's ready to move on and get a real wife, we were no longer amused. Let's go over that again, but from the POV of crazy. Step 1: Find out your not really married to your son DIL might have cancer. Ignore the might part, she definitely has cancer, it's all her fault and you should tell her so right away. Step 2: Because you're such a kind hearted person, find the interloper a nice place to die. Make sure said place is 4 states away and therefore nowhere near her support network. Obviously son will never drive so far and will be staying with you, so she'll die alone, but hey, this place has a meditation pool. Step 3: Again, you are like the nicest person ever. Son will get lonely without fake wife, so you should get him set up with a better replacement for when you're not around. Step 4: Be incredibly offended when son tells you to fuck off. You never raised him to use such language. Besides, you were only trying to help. Results: Instant NC from me, VVVLC from DH (he has to interact with her occasionally. Cue pouting and "woe is me, my child is denying my love" from MIL. Luckily, it turns out I don't have cancer (yay. So, of course MIL thinks that means nothing she did happened and she's welcome back into my life. She's absolutely shocked that I'm not over it, it was soooooo long ago. I should stop being so sensitive and just come over for dinner. TL;DR: MIL hears I might have cancer. "Helps" by finding me a hospice center and signing my DH up on a dating site. Doesn't understand why we're both mad about this.

Good places to die. Good places to die in california. Have you ever met one? What did the encounter do for you? level 1 Tbh that's just a fashion statement. "Nice guys" come in all shapes and sizes. When I meet a Nice Guy, I try to not engage with him. I feel like I'm either going to be verbally assaulted or stalked by them. Maybe both. As for the chubby guys with neckbeards and fedoras, I assume we would have stuff to talk about. They're usually awkward nerds with strong opinions about Firefly. level 1 People don't really dress like that anymore, now that that's known to be a stereotype. Nobody says "m'lady" anymore. The internet has kinda for the most part stamped out this behavior except for anybody doing it ironically. But I've known them, I've dated them, I've worked with them. But honestly, the nerd dude mentality is far less white knight nowadays, and far more "I identify as chaotic good" with a side of excessive explanation. level 2 I beg to differ on the mlady part. A waiter said that to my mom and I physically cringed level 1 I actually went to HS with a couple guys like this. It turned out that they were both Autistic. Because of that, I tend to give these guys the benefit of the doubt and attempt to be friendly with them while making it very clear that my intentions are not romantic. level 2 Comment removed by moderator 3 months ago ( More than 1 child) level 1 Also not what I consider necessarily a "nice guy. But I'm super judgmental, so my mind is probably like "Yikes. level 1 meeting That Guy has been so commonplace in my life that i wouldn't be surprised, but i'd still kind of dread having to hear him talk tbh. if it's just a stranger i don't spare much thought level 2 Comment removed by moderator 5 months ago ( More than 1 child) level 1 "quietly exit this situation asap" level 1 Yes, all the time. I ignore them unless they start coming on to me. Then I just remove myself from the situation. Luckily I have never had too much of an entanglement. level 1 "Oh dear, this person lacks social awareness. Minimize interaction. level 1 I studied engineering as an undergraduate and work around engineers now- while this kind of person is out of place at my specific place of work, they're pretty common in the field in general (especially in school, or among people who are very new to the workforce) so I don't think much of it. level 1 I'm a woman studying comp sci, so my interactions with people who look very memey-niceguy-ish are frequent. Usually my first thought is to prepare for an inescapable conversation wherein they shoehorn either their political views or find an excuse to tell me they are staunchly atheist. I still try to humor them because I can sympathize with shitty social skills. The dudes need to learn that small talk exists for a reason. Leaping headlong into your thesis on why the world is fucked is a bit rough to parse when I've known you for three seconds. level 2 So. they do exist! memes werent lying? level 1 I work with a lot of people who might fall into this description. At work, they seem to be genuinely nice people who may struggle in some social interactions. I dont know them personally enough to see how they are outside of work, since I generally dont like to see co-workers out of the office. Im very picky with the people I surround in my life, so these arent the type of people Id be friends with. Mostly because we really dont have anything in common, but also because I need to be able to have a good conversation with someone. level 1 My literal first thought is " r/niceguys. I haven't even been on reddit for that long but memes have conditioned me to think a certain way. level 2 Precisely! I want to know if this breed of man is actually encountered offline, or if it is only ever seen online. level 1 I married in the beginning I thought he was into men. Good thing his roommate was my friend and told me he liked me or I'd have been down the road! He was WAY too slow making the moves! Even with just talking or asking me out. level 2 He had a neckbeard and fedora? level 1 Nothing much, apart from he is a literal walking meme 😅and maybe strike a conversation about it! level 1 Normally my first thought (although is a prejudice) is 'Probable he expects his girlfriend to be a Victoria's Secret model. AskWomen: A subreddit dedicated to asking women questions about their thoughts, lives, and experiences; providing a place where all women can comfortably and candidly share their responses in a non-judgmental space. As part of our commitment to that mission, the AskWomen subreddit is curated to promote respectful and on-topic discussions, and not serve as a debate subreddit. Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

I heard this song with too many aesthetic light and watch the stars and all cars at the road and i'm on the rooftop at the penthouse. and i love it♡. I find it funny when people say that she deserves more recognition when I think ella actually prefer being somebody hidden away from the bullshit industry & from people who can't appreciate pure art. She's not the mainstream type because she's a real artist.

Nice places to die. I watched this instead of celebrating new year eve Ps: Happy New Year.


Nice places to dine in dc. I edited this comment so that the replies make no sense. She deserves a bigger fanbase. she's incredibly talented, and her music has such a chill sound. long story short, i stan. The Solar de Uyuni, Bolivia 7:17. 23 23 Posted by 13 days ago 2 comments 93% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up Sort by level 1 3 points 12 days ago The comissar on the horse is dope. level 1 Original Poster 1 point 11 days ago Thanks 😊 More posts from the astramilitarum community Continue browsing in r/astramilitarum r/astramilitarum Welcome to r/astramilitarum 2. 4k Members 6 Online Created May 25, 2015 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

😚 sorry you will never catch me abroad don't have the money for it to go abroad no passport. This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast level 1 Welcome to Lacey! I nearly fainted when I saw a new post on this sub. level 1 That's funny. I was born in Anchorage, but I live in Olympia and work in Lacey lol. level 2 Wow! Thats pretty cool. level 1 So what do you think of this place so far? level 2 I love it. Nice people and I can actually drive places unlike Alaska. level 1 Well, it's been two months, how's it going? If you haven't noticed, the r/Olympia sub is much more active (ignore resident trolls. I've met several people who grew up or lived in Alaska and then moved here. Welcome! level 2 Well hello. You from Alaska too? I absolutely love not having to drive on ice. There are even roads to drive places. Imagine that. Haha I wonder what everyones reasons for moving are. I hadnt thought of looking at the Olympia sub. Thanks. Subreddit for all things Lacey, Washington Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

Where is stonehenge on this list.
Nice places to dine.
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9 Posted by 1 month ago 5 comments 91% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up Sort by level 1 1 point 1 month ago Stuff like that happened to my entire family once. I moved to New Zealand and couldnt even go to the funeral. level 2 Original Poster 1 point 1 month ago I wonder why they have probely closed it down from New Zealand level 1 1 point 1 month ago do you not know how to screenshot level 1 Original Poster 1 point 1 month ago I Play on my iPad not my phone and i dont have redit om my iPad and i dont remeber the password level 1 1 point 1 month ago Awesome More posts from the BitLifeApp community Continue browsing in r/BitLifeApp r/BitLifeApp The super fun text-based life simulator for iOS & Android. We 💛 Bitizens! 🙌🏽 68. 4k Players 356 Playing Now Created Oct 19, 2018 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

Nice places to drive near me. Nice places to dine in okc. 1 comment-worldnews 1 Posted by 1 year ago Archived comment-worldnews. Its nice that they are going to try and provide a warm place. No one deserves to die out in the cold. Context Link Go1dfish undelete link unreddit undelete link Author: u/Free_Swordfish comment 100% Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! More posts from the removalbot community Continue browsing in r/removalbot r/removalbot Removals of comment and submissions sighted by removalbot 2. 0k Members 23 Online Created Oct 5, 2015 Restricted help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

I've only been to two of these. If you visit the wave in the summer months, pack plenty of water! There was a fatality a couple of weeks ago there from a disoriented hiker, who didn't drink enough water. Wow a really outrageous dessert on this list is! Cookies served in a bucket... Perfect places: Every night, I live and die Feel the party to my bones Watch the wasters blow the speakers Spill my guts beneath the outdoor light It's just another graceless night I hate the headlines and the weather I'm nineteen and I'm on fire But when we're dancing I'm alright It's just another graceless night Are you lost enough? Have another drink, get lost in us This is how we get notorious, oh 'Cause I don't know If they keep tellin' me where to go I'll blow my brains out to the radio, oh All of the things we're taking 'Cause we are young and we're ashamed Send us to perfect places All of our heroes fading Now I can't stand to be alone Let's go to perfect places Every night, I live and die Meet somebody, take 'em home Let's kiss and then take off our clothes It's just another graceless night, cause All of the things we're taking 'Cause we are young and we're ashamed Send us to perfect places All of our heroes fading Now I can't stand to be alone Let's go to perfect places All the nights spent off our faces Trying to find these perfect places What the fuck are perfect places anyway? All the nights spent off our faces Trying to find these perfect places What the fuck are perfect places anyway? All the nights spent off our faces Trying to find these perfect places What the fuck are perfect places anyway.

So basically theyre telling us to move to NY to eat all this. Might Try go some of these 💙. Nice places to drive close to houston. I shared it here, it's in french. it was translated. It's from a good source. it's episode by episode, if the resume of episode 3 is valid we can assume the all resume is correct. we just need to wait translated version (with google translate) original in com)SUMMARY GOT: No Happy End for Beric Dondarrion who dies at for Ghost, Meera Reed, Thormund, Gray Worm, Podrick, Raeghal and Bran who die during the Winterfell Fight between Jon Snow's and the King's army of mates of the night. Neither for Lyanna "badass" Mormont who is being torn by zombies by going to Bear for Théon who dies from the hands of his for Daenerys who quack by giving birth to Lyanna for Brienne, Zombisérion, Robin Arryn and the Night King who clamsent during the mega-fight of for Varys who is done tricks by the Golden for Qyburn, Cersei and La Montagne, respectively assassinated by Arya and Le Limier (with a Nimeria's little paw) for Melisandre, performed by for Euron, Jorah, Jaime, Le Limier, Jon and Drogon slamming into the Dragonpit blast. Sleeping side: Jon goes up his aunt, Euron fucks Cersei, Jaime copulates with Brienne, Sansa gets Gendry, Sam gets back Vere, Bron gets Aspic from the Sands, and Tyrion mates with Missandei. And it is Tyrion who ends regent of the Seven Crowns while waiting for the daughter of Jon and Daenerys to rise on the iron throne while Bran turns into White Walker and becomes the new Night King. At the Wall, Beric Dondarrion decides to sacrifice himself to let Thormund and Gendry flee to Winterfell while the White Walkers make a bonfire of Château Noir (ok, it's not at all the door next door and they did not no interest to do it except for pure pleasure of destruction but let's go. Almost as it was planned in the scenario of the last episode of season 7, Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion, Davos, Jorah, Brienne and Podrick (who visibly encrusted themselves in off) Le Limier, Missandei, Varys, Theon and their diverse friends come to Winterfell without too many pitfalls (except that Theon is supposed to have gone out of his way to save his sister. There, chain sentimental effusions, Arya finds Le Limier, Jon finds Arya, Sam and Bran (Sansa he had already seen so he does not care a bit) and everyone has parties. At the end of the first episode, the last two accomplices train the pseudo-bastard in a dark corner to tell him the secrets of his birth. So Jon goes a little foolish Daenerys who does not understand why his lover suddenly abandoned after getting what he wanted, that is to say, to give them pleasant mutual feelings with his zizi (yes, that does not exist that kind of guy. So she'll be very sad, besides puffing every two minutes (but why so. Mystery.   -   They are then joined by Ver Gris and his Emasculated friends, the Dothraki, the Sauvageons, Robin Arryn the cousin of the Stark a little remained since his brutal weaning at 12 years via the inadvertent passage of his mother by the garbage giant in the middle of their living room, Meera Reed and his father Howland, who like Jokari improbable (but still very practical to confirm his ancestry to Jon) say that Winterfell is probably a nice place to die, and Jaqen Delon who certainly saw the light from Braavos in his temple of the God Moultipass and that was just passing by for Arya mission so that it went to stumble Cersei, which was not at all in his projects and more (it's still very well fucked up the nature. After a lot of bargaining over a good part of the first two episodes (long negotiations) on the fact that the banners Kinginzenorse are hot way to submit to Daenerys (but ultimately they will still be by Jon Snow interposed. it was really worth opening their mouths to fill) and how, why, where and when the many happy troops are going to get screwed by the army of the King of the Night, the first big fight between the Dead and the Living broke out at the foot of Winterfell, while Meera had gone off to say goodbye to Bran for the second time in two seasons, but in the wood this time (you have to know how to vary the place anyway else it will be seen that 'we do not care about the mouth of the world. Fighting during which Ghost, the wolf of Jon who had completely disappeared from the surface of Westeros for a long time, the Reed, father and daughter, Thormund, Ver Gray, Podrick, Bran who likes to drive Raeghal at a distance and the so-called 3rd flying beast die, sometimes stumbled by White Walkers, sometimes by the Living Dead, sometimes by Zombiserion, sometimes by friendly shots of a free-style Drogon, while Arya (really. Sansa, Daenerys (really. Varys, Tyrion (really. Robin, Sam, Vere, Lyanna (really. And Missandei remain stashed in the barracks. There, Jaime, Bronn who followed him after his departure from Port-Real, the army garrison Lannister who guarded Vivesaigues (Ed Sheeran and his friends maybe. And Edmure Tully who reappears suddenly and who decides to to go hand in hand with his nephews and nieces, arrive at the right moment to prevent them from having a firm and definitive hand-shake. Everyone retreats, Zombiserion is severely injured, and as disunity is strength, Jon decides to make a lot of small groups: the types of Littlefinger's Val of Fire, Sansa, Brienne and Robin to Eyrié; Jaime, Bronn, Arya, Le Limier, Edmure, his army, and that of the Lannisters at Vivesaigues; Jon, Davos, Tyrion, Varys, Missandei, Jorah, Sam, Vere, his mioche, Theon, the Immaculate and the Dothraki still alive in the South; and Lyanna and her pals on Bear Island that they will never reach (Warrior's death off, Check. But first and foremost, Jon and his nauseated chick will fire the corpses on the battlefield on Drogon's back, so as not to end up with a second zombie dragon on his back. The teams of Jon, Sansa and Jaime then land in the stronghold of Howland Reed and discuss strategy in the presence of the lord who had been killed in the previous episode: the idea is to attract the Night King Eyrié because it's really high and difficult to access (even if they will not really follow this plan. There is a redeployment of the workforce with Théon who leaves to take over the islands of Irons (while was not really a priority until then and we do not see how it will help to defeat the White Walkers) Arya and Le Limier who have already decided to do it separately without asking permission from anyone and the Daenerys team with Varys, Missandei, Sam and Vere who fall back to Dragonstone (do not try to understand anymore, relax, here. it 's good. your eyelids are heavy. In Port - Real, Cersei pays his shneck to Euron to reward him for bringing him the Golden Shower then after he leaves on a mission to take Accalmie, the stronghold Barathéon who must allow his future wife to spend the Great War, warm and safe (except that no one will ever stomp at Accalmie since Cersei will never leave Port-Réal. But the villainous little canaillou confesses to his hostage and niece Yara (he still has not killed It will be enough for a sign, one morning, for the mercenaries to clear him of Cersei as soon as the marriage is pronounced. Once his mission is accomplished, he returns to the base and thus marries Cersei, who burps with joy. Meanwhile, it's bayse night at Greywater Watch: against all odds, Daenerys, announces to Jon that she is pregnant, while everyone was already more or less aware.   -   At the end of episode 3 comes the time of the goodbyes: Jon confides Sansa to Gendry who will take his role very seriously, Daenerys entrusts Drogon to Jon to dislocate the mouth of the Night-King and the two lovebirds roll a galoche of the death that makes Jorah's eyes sting. In Port - Real, Cersei receives an AFP dispatch informing him of the new distribution of his enemy 's troops. She sends Euron back to the Iron Islands to her nephew Théon, crossing his fingers very strongly so that he does not come back. At Vivesaigues, Jaime finally tells his new allies that Cersei bought himself an entire army of mercenaries in Essos and nobody told him that it might have been wise to share the news before Jon sent his Pregnant girl with three Dothraki skinned and two Immaculate shorn with Dragonstone. In the blow Jean - Michel Friendzone gambades to the rescue of his beloved. Meanwhile, Arya and Le Limier travel to the capital to settle their accounts, one by killing Cersei with the poison that Jaqen Delon providentially gave him at Winterfell a little earlier in the season and the another by fiddling with his brother. In the forest they are attacked by Undead and are saved by Nymeria, the wolf of Arya and her canine friends. And Arya palm his sword.     Meanwhile, proud to have managed to gather fire and ice and resurrected Jon Snow, Melisandre arrives at Volantis, to leave as dry because next to that, she still did a lot of bullshit (hello Shireen. But as she is a bit witch non grata, she withdraws beforehand his necklace - demaquilleur not to be repressed and manages to join Daenerys and his friends to Dragonstone after crossing Arya and Le Limier in the forê she announces that to win the war, it is necessary to shed the royal blood, because it is a bit of an obsession for the red priestesses. Since dagger abortion is no longer allowed after the first trimester, she suggests waiting until Daenerys's baby is born to kill him better. But the future parturient does not really take her proposal and she fucks her out. Melisandre then discusses with Varys and gives him the mission to save Westeros.   -   At the end of episode 4, Euron lands on the Iron Islands with his mates and his prisoners Yara. All this little world is attacked by the Undead who suddenly learned to swim (unless they were the same ones who had hindered Viserion at the bottom of the lake in season 7) putting an end to the family celebrations. Yara escapes and Théon is cut in half by the ax of his uncle.     Then comes the second big battle of death that kills the season and that is really expensive in make-up, costumes and post-production, between the army of the King of the Night and all the friends of Jon "Aegon" Snow (the old, new) in the Val. Meanwhile, at Dragonstone, Daenerys loses water as the Golden Company attacks the fortress. And as Jon Snow has a sexually transmissible omniscience, she finally gives birth to a girl, whom she calls Lyanna to please the brave dad who preferred to fight against the Undead. And she dies, a bit like shit and Padme Skywalker-Amidala. Drogon proudly riding on Daenerys' death and donning the brand new winter martial starkaryen ready - to - wear collection, his zippo - mount is wounded by the very - very big crossbows of Qyburn, the hand of Queen Cersei. As it is Aegon Targaryen but that it is especially Jean Neige and that he does not know anything definitively, he decides to practice an emergency landing at Dragonpit to try to cure him. He is joined by Arya and his wolf and s Ask what she can do right there (in two bricks: Cersei, dead. He manages to get her off after giving him a big hug and goodbye. There, he is attacked by Euron and his friends. Pif-paf-poum, Jon bursts on the iron, slightly angry to have seen the corpse of the mother of her mutilated daughter hanging on the door of the bousin. There, he is joined by Jorah, Jaime and Le Limier who tell him to stop fired because the basement is full of Greek fire and if Drogon sneezes, it'll be a nice mess. And that's exactly what he does, that big dragon con. And it is indeed a beautiful mess: Euron, Jorah, Jaime, Le Limier, Jon, Drogon himself and full of extras on both sides who had not asked anyone no time do not have time to escape that they die charred, scattered by small ends, way puzzle.   -   What about survivors? Arya and Nymeria board for Essos to find Jaqen Delon just like at the end of season 5.   -   Davos goes back to his wife, whom he has not seen for a good twenty years and of whom he has no news. SANSA and GENDRY create a new Starkatheon (or Barathéstark) dynasty between Winterfell, Val and Calmness.   Edmure Tully reigns on Vivesaigues, Yara on the Iron Islands, Sam and Vere, who are trying to repopulate the region, on Corcolline, Bronn on Dorne (thus finally getting his castle) with one of Oberyn's daughters but not Najat Sand, the one he liked because Cersei poisoned him a bit in season 7, and Tyrion, finally, inherited Castral Roc and the role of regent, fooled Missandei and they raised together Lyanna to become the Queen of the Seven Crowns.   -   But meanwhile, just north of Westeros, a surviving White Walker and lonely (uh. the death of the Night King was not supposed to kill them all. Lugs the body of Bran, dead pierced by glass- dragon during the attack of opens eyes always so inexpressive but blue QUEENS OF Walker puts him a crown on the head, thus sacrificing him all new King of the Night. Because, neither Sam (who has meanwhile sent Vere and her baby on holiday at her mother 's house in Corcolline) nor Missandei being gynecologist, the delivery is going well. So that at some point, they will have to choose between saving the mother or the it is Daenerys who will sacrifice herself, suddenly abandoning any form of will as well as, in the wake, all her ambitions limit megalomaniac to see herself become queen of the Seven Crowns with which she we shit since 7 fucking seasons. Jorah (who was very fast and managed to enter the castle without crossing the mercenaries sent by Cersei) refuses and it is Varys who sticks there while piercing the heart of the Mother of the Dragons with the sword of thus carries out the obsessional prophecy of Melisandre by shedding the royal blood (that of the mother and not the baby himself, but it also works apparently) which has the almost immediate consequence of saving Westeros just as his predictions genitals burning when he was a child (breathe. it's good: you are perfectly relaxed. Indeed, a few leagues away and after making a new budget cut in the casting with Brienne dying in the arms of Jaime, and then Zombisérion and Robin Arryn which was no use anyway too, Jon magically wins the war against the White Walkers, without anyone really knowing how, but obviously everybody dips it royal.     -     In Port - Réal, in the throne room, Cersei, who will have at some point made the miscarriage originally planned in the Season 7 script, is rehousing with his adviser Qyburn to the health of Daenerys' death. the drink is poisoned and it is not Qyburn but Arya who disguised himself with his face after killing him off. She then completes her work by releasing her wolf on the Queen and then abridging her suffering (why. By slitting her throat with the sword she had previously lost without doubt, while Le Limier celebrates his fraternal reunion: he s on the mountain, already semi - dead, also with the help of Nymeria then cracks his mouth (eye for an eye, burn for burn. Uh. How could Arya know about Daenerys.     The mercenaries of the Creole Golden Compagny thus enter Dragonstone to capture the mother of the Dragons. But by the time they get there, she has the presumption of having already passed the coquinette. They then stumble against Varys and seize the Queen's remains to go back to Port-Réal, while Sam, Missandei and certainly Jorah (although not mentioned) stashed in a closet, are breastfeeding. baby Lyanna take turns not to be spotted. Jon and Sansa arrive at Dragonstone and discover the carnage and the baby. At the end of episode 5, Euron self-crowns King alone as an acorn. The Golden Companion then returns to serve him the corpse of Daenerys on a plateau. And he is disappointed, the guy, not to be able to violate it, as if these big degenerates of iron - born stopped at this kind of points of detail. Suddenly, he hangs his remains on the city walls so that everyone can defile it as he wishes (the real no longer having to prove that he knows how to be imaginative in the matter. All the rest of the troop still alive as well as Yara joins Jon and Sansa to returns to Winterfell and Melisandre, another Jokari who always comes back to the base, arrives explaining that as she finally fulfilled the prophecy, she wants that we kill her but by cremating her. So Drogon runs. As a result, after refilling the custody of his daughter to Tyrion, Missandei and Sam, Jon decides to attack Port-Réal because, damned for damn, as much trying to free Euron Greyjoy from the iron throne.       What about survivors? Arya and Nymeria board for Essos to find Jaqen Delon just like at the end of season 5. Davos goes back to his wife, whom he has not seen for a good twenty years and of whom he has no news. Edmure Tully reigns on Vivesaigues, Yara on the Iron Islands, Sam and Vere, who are trying to repopulate the region, on Corcolline, Bronn on Dorne (thus finally getting his castle) with one of Oberyn's daughters but not Najat Sand, the one he liked because Cersei poisoned him a bit in season 7, and Tyrion, finally, inherited Castral Roc and the role of regent, fooled Missandei and they raised together Lyanna to become the Queen of the Seven Crowns. But meanwhile, just north of Westeros, a surviving White Walker and lonely (uh. And here we go again for a ride: Winter is coming and all the trimmings.

Boltclaw, 140, Hematite 14 Author's note; I apologize, Urists, but I won't have time to move play further so I wrote about what I have, and I wish the next person the best of luck. I definitely didn't mess up too bad. Also, dffd is down, and I'll try the file again in ~10 hours, and then again in ~18 hours. I, San Palaceoil, look at the notes left to me by my predecessor. Memorialize the Dead. Don't open the gates. Don't trust the outsiders. Risen Goldrinse, in my opinion, is a genius. Her decisive manner of leadership from the front lines was necessary for Boltclaw to recover itself. My entire purpose is to build on her sucesses, further the reclaimation of lost areas, and, surveying the fortress, cleaning up that disgusting pit of constant trauma, and building/linking levers to stuff with no documentation as to what I've done or why. As I am ordering coffins to be built, we are ambushed by a squad of four elves. I call for the Overseer's Chosen. The first to arrive is Vucar Machinecradles, who launches himself into battle with a gruesome fervor and performs a work of true martial art upon the pitiful invader. The rest of the sissy elves flee. I order two new masons in the riverbed district and order all three of those mason to make coffins. On the 18th of Slate, some brave fools have decided that Boltclaw sounds like a nice place to die. I assign one to the Overseer's Chosen. Ok, stop me if you've heard this one before. This visiting human hammerman goes berserk and attacks a nearby mechanic. This particular mechanic turns out to be a very talented wrestler, and bites the hammerman over and over! A bard wanders by and sees what is happening, and joins the fight with gusto! while loudly exclaiming, This is it! It's my time to shine. A few weeks later, Felsite 10, the first strange mood of my tenure occurs when Tobul the Suturer stalks and broods. He claims a mason workshop, and crafts furiously. Tobul Finishes his artifact, 28th Felsite, a mostly unremarkable hamster bone earring. I have no problem letting him keep it. "Overseer, a forgotten beast makes its way into the caverns beneath us. calls out a courier, What should we do. Has it seen us yet. I ask, to a negative response. "Then halt activity in the lower tunnels and keep quiet and hope it goes away. Soon the forgotten beast, Gosmer as we've come to call it, wanders away without indicating he was ever aware of our presence. A few more weeks pass uneventfully. Coffins aren't being produced nearly fast enough for my taste, and the haulers are filling up the courtyard pre-grave party faster than we can inter the bodies. Armok almighty. Limul, a bard from the tavern catches my attention as I'm inspecting the progress. "What's on your mind. I ask her. "There is a human on the path just a little ways away. He looks and sounds very injured. Can you come help him out. I agree and we wander out to the edge of the map. The human is nowhere to be found. We start to search, and I hear a sudden scream! I turn around to see Limul being torn apart by some grisly tortoise-beast. When Limul finally stops moving, the beast turns it's gaze to me, and I bolt. I am caught, and clawed into numerous pieces. I feel intense pain, but try as I might, I cannot move. My vision fades to black.

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What about thumbnail. Only some travelling to do. A subreddit for (almost) anything related to games - video games, board games, card games, etc. (but not sports. The first time i ever did any “hard drugs” was ecstasy beginning/summer of freshman year. ive probably done it about 20 different times now and ive also done coke. i used to do ecstasy like 3 or 4 times a month, sometimes i would take multiple pills. the first bad experience i had with it was at a small kickback during winter break with my best friends. i think i did 2 1/2 and half a gram of coke and i started shaking and getting very cold. my friends told me i was probably going to have a seizure because the right side of my body kept trembling for like three hours. i ended up having a really weird comedown where i hallucinated hard af and thought i died and spoke to god. the first time i did was acid was by myself on a school night and it was one of the worst things ever. i isnt even really hallucinate, it was just scary and i wasnt prepared for it at all and i stopped doing hard drugs for a few months except a three lines of coke after that when it was offered. then last weekend, it was rolling loud which is a huge music festival and the first day i popped one ecstasy and did a few lines of coke. second day, i took two and also another gram and it was fucking horrible. i felt like i was going to lose consciousness and i couldnt mosh at all. both of my hands were trembling this time and even my legs, i could barely stand. there was a ferris wheel there and lights and i remember laying down and thinking that this would be a nice place to die. i was also confused and sometimes would forget where i was and couldnt really see properly towards the last hour or so of the night. that was two days ago and i think im still experiencing some side effects. i suddenly hear like weird noises and i cant explain it but sometimes i feel like i have an electric shock going through my body that makes me feel really woozy. have i permanently damaged my body and brain from doing too many drugs.

I posted this in Luna's sub, but I figured this thread needed another anti-Hitler voice. Some dialogues with Hitler: You killed 11 million innocent people. Geez guys, I said I was sorry! And I've atoned for it by immediately becoming the leader of the vast majority of humanity through military force, living the last 70 years in luxury, and now I'm back to tell you how to run things. How is that atonement? That's pretty much the best thing that ever happened to anyone! Also we let you run things before, and it turned out terribly. Well, I said I was sorry about killing the Jews. What about the Roma, homosexuals, Jehovah's witnesses, communists, disabled, non-violent resisters, and interracial Germans. Uh. sure, those too. Ok, say I believe you're sorry which I don't. What's your proposal. I want to invade heaven by military force. Heaven. Yes. You, Hitler, want to control the seat of ultimate power. Yes. The place where, according to you, almost all the Jews are. Uhh. yes. BLAM "But guys, we have to overthrow God, he's an asshole. Why, is he torturing the Jews. No, Heaven's pretty great. He was torturing people in Hell. No, that was Lucifer. Then he's trying to reinstall Lucifer in Hell. No, not that we can tell. And hell is terrible, right. Not right now, it's actually pretty great. No scarcity and hardly any suffering. So Hell is basically Heaven. Yes. And Heaven is also Heaven. Yes. And since there's no scarcity in Hell, and you now built a door to Earth, Earth can also be Heaven. Yes! Exactly. So why invade Heaven. Because like I said, God is an asshole! All that torture was his fault! Also Lucifer's, but mostly his. So you're saying that even if he treats his own people well, we shouldn't forgive an evil dictator for his past atrocities because blood calls for blood and evil requires retaliation. YES! Wait n— " BLAM "Ok, I take it back. We don't know anything about Heaven! Maybe it is terrible! How will we know. unless we invade. Hmm, good point. Hell was pretty terrible, right. Awful! Torture everywhere. And why were you able to take it over. Well, a bunch of us died at once, there were too many of us. So if Heaven was terrible, and only Jews went there, and a bunch of them died at once—say, if someone murdered 6 million of them —the Jews would have been able to take over, right. What, seriously? You expect a bunch of Jews to be able to—" BLAM "But seriously guys, God's a total asshole! Have you read the Bible. Yes. Which part talks about Hell having infinite wealth capable of fueling a post-scarcity economy, Lucifer running the place (or being there at all before the Apocalypse) and the damned having the power to rebel and turn it into a Utopia. Well, nowhere, but. So if you can't trust the Bible on that, how do you know God's evil. Well, why else would he only save the people of one religion while damning the rest. Oh, so Judaism was the true religion the whole time. Yeah, I was shocked too. Judaism, whose mythology doesn't include Hell or Eternal Damnation or a guy named Lucifer at all. Yes! Wait, really? Look, anyway, God created the world with all this suffering. Which you know because. well, anyway, God must be up to something, because why else would he lock himself away in Heaven with all the good stuff and a tiny portion of the human population. Oh, I get it. So you're afraid that the Jews are wealthier than they deserve, and they're not assimilating properly with the rest of humanity, and their leaders are super greedy, and they're probably up to something although you don't know what, so you want to break into their house using military force. Well, when you put it like—" BLAM "But we can help you so much! We have infinite resources! It's a post scarcity Utopia. Why is there a government in a post-scarcity Utopia. Well, someone has to run things. And who elected that someone. Actually, they voted me emergency powers in perpetuity to deal with—" BLAM "But I've been doing a great job in Hell! Everything's great. And almost everyone goes there when they die. Yes! Except the Jews. So why shouldn't we all just kill ourselves then. Uhhhh. because suicide is wrong. You did it, and you became dictator of the Utopia of Hell. Because I need your help to invade Heaven. Which you would still have if we died, went to Hell, and found out it was great. Because if only non-Jews killed themselves the Jews would take over the wo— put down the gun! I meant to say, uh, because I've reformed and I want to help you. So history's greatest monster, butcher of 6 million Jews, appears out of thin air, gives everyone in the world a really great reason to kill themselves, and says he wants our help to break into the place where those exact same Jews are? Why should we believe him. I'm really, really contrite. BLAM.

Nice places to dine in orlando. Number 1 should be Detroit or Baltimore. Nice places to dine in and eat. Awww i thought that my country is in there what a shame there many wonderful things in the Philippines. Just an Idea that I think would give Breakpoint more replay value. Might be too much to change, might not. Could be good bones for next ghost recon. Ubi could add a mission planer to help streamline coop play. Now first off we start from the main camp where we get to choose a a mission and add on small secondary task like don't get spotted, or destroy all assets in area. Put a timer on it that can help decide how the team is rewarded after completion to both motivate people to actually do the mission as well as end it so people don't waste time. Add spawn pool like Rainbow six Vegas 2 where you either get 2 spawns each, no respawn or a shared pool. The group can either opt in for a taxi insert from a helicopter or get to the area on their own at the risk of being intercepted, alerting the base ahead. If you opt in for the taxi to area its random rather or not the enemy knows you're coming depending on how close you want to be dropped. Opting out lets you choose what vehicles you would rather take and you have to find your own way. Let players set a route lined with objectives, lets say you can set up a mission to reach an area and do recon before pushing past an outpost that has vital info before moving on to the next base. Or a behemoth mission where there's a behemoth nearby that could scuff you up, but if you choose to deal with it before hitting the base you won't have to worry about it crashing the party later. Difficulty. We can pick and choose through a selection of nerf's and buffs to players and npc's. Npc buff paranoid. Npc's are more likely to go yellow or orange from the first hint of contact and will never go back to white phase. Radio guy calls reinforcements faster. If a shot is heard base goes red phase. Npc buff tech savvy. Npc's can reboot turrets and generator, there will always be atleast 3 engineers who can repair techs. Drones are now more dangerous and spot you faster. All units who have night vision get thermal instead making it easier to spot players at night. Npc buff Wolves. Npc's will engage using advanced tactics, move faster and increased accuracy as well as more armor and is equipped with standard night vison on all units. This stacks with all other buffs and even cancels some debuffs. Npc buff This is my house. They are less likely to come outside base or leave cover, and will engage from inside of buildings and bunker down or form up near power supply and base turrets protecting assets and mvp more often. Npc buff hermit. They will take less risk and stay behind cover and shoot less, but this could burn time and cause failure by time out. Npc buff Vehicle support. More likely to have vehicles on base or on standby to intercept and engage players in or between bases. Npc buff Heavy unts. They get heavy units. Npc buff Shoot Move Communicate. Npc's will always move and engage in groups of atleast 3. will only move if provided cover fire as well as distract confuse and terminate tactics engage and surrounding you. Npc nerf naked and afraid. Npc have little gear and effectiveness is reduced. They are more likely to stay behind cover but are easier to flank. Wolves buff always cancels this. Npc nerf green horns. They behave like they do in the game now, leaving cover very often and rushing you without backup and snipers are less likely to take a shot and less accurate. Npc nerf low on supplies. Npc have less ammo and can run out and don't receive any backup or support. Player buff Rested. Players are able to equip more gear with less penalty letting them carry more than usual, and fatigue and injury are less frequent. Player buff improved tech. All player equipment gets a buff in range, health, stealth, and cooldown speed. Player buff Locals love me. Outcast and Homesteaders have a greater chance of showing up and respond to calls for backup much faster. Player buff One with nature. All players are harder to spot in wilderness and player gear and camo stealth debuffs are removed allowing for more freedom to operate in different gear that might decrease stealth stats. Player buff Cold blood. Thermals cannot spot players. Player buff Cloaking. You're a real ghost Harry. Turn invisible when crouched and moving slowly. If you equip this it will take up 3 of your buff slots. Player buff Inside job. All enemies are marked by default. Player nerf Shirt on my back. All you have is one weapon of choice, no gadgets and one bandage. Just you, your weapon and your trusty battle belt with 2 spare mags. Picked up weapons cannot be silenced unless the weapon shares a class with what you came in with. Atleast you move faster. Player nerf EMP. All electronics are disabled for the player including HUD. Communication is very important. Player nerf Last Day. Player is worn down from days in the field. Stamina reduced, drone battery reduced, weapon less effective, no bandages, and injury and fatigue are more likely. Player movement speed reduced. Gear visibly damaged. Player nerf Weather. Dressing for the occasion would be smart. You will suffer from weather effects like cold, heat and getting wet. HYDRATE! Map usage. There are plenty of areas we could use on the map. Put some guidelines on how we can plan out missions and figure out a way to concentrate resources to that area for more engaging gameplay. for example, setting the AO to the mountains can help decide what type of npc's and equipment that will be loaded in along the route planned by the players or devs so you don't see guys in T-shirts in the middle of a blizzard. Environment's Urban. more civilians present including traffic. Nice weather and no real need to blend in so wear what you want. Woods. Less buildings and troops, but more drones. Temperate weather. Camo is recommended. Mountain. Buildings are rare and bases are smaller with less enemies. Cold so make sure to bring your woobie and gortex. Volcanic. Golem island super villain. All the troops, all the drones all the heat and all the moans. ITS HOT! Tropic. Pretty nice place to die. scattered troops on patrol and more flying drones. Bring yuh scuba suit. Plains. Behemoths live here. Swamp. Bring baby wipes. Less robutts. Matchmaking. Have a quick playlist with set values. A random playlist that throws an unpredictable mission toether. Allow players to filter for different playstyles and areas. No easy hard or extreme mode because the buffs and nerfs should help with that. They could also add a casual mission mode that has the game behave the way it does now letting people bring what they want without having to worry about debuffs and stuff. They could motivate people to try i by it rewarding battlepoints and special gear from challenges and even get to the point where they can start going off island in later dlc's. Its just a thought, so what do you think? Add something to it in the comments.


Cheese and sushi should not mix. Baobab grove in Madagascar 7:02.